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Tecpact continuously focusses on Accelerating Growth and Innovation, Improve Product lifecycle management, drive operational efficiency and contain costs for our esteemed customers across all verticals.

Tecpact is already serving customers from the following verticals –

Banking and Financial Services

IT Security is a major concern for BFSI customers today. Tecpact partnership with global security vendors ensures we are able to serve the major challenges of our customers in today’s threat landscape.

In addition to protecting consumer data and financial records we also are in a position to help banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions IT security team to deal with auditing mandates for GLBA, FFIEC, SOX, PCI DSS, and a patchwork of federal, state, and industry regulations.


For many technology companies, proprietary data and intellectual property, such as software source code, trade secrets, and employee information, are their most critical assets. This type of data is often a lucrative target for cyber espionage. Guarding against the risks of attack requires monitoring thousands of log events per day while proactively detecting vulnerabilities, which can quickly become an overwhelming task even for a well-funded and staffed IT organization.


The pace of change within the Insurance services industry continues to accelerate. It is not only regulations but Insurance IT organizations have to deal with Social media, mobility and big data also, which requires multichannel and personalized services with security and data privacy maintained.
To successfully manage these rapidly changing industry and market trends, you need to stay at the forefront of technology adoption.


As manufacturing organisations scan the global landscape for new markets and opportunities, they’re required to successfully integrate factory and enterprise systems and align processes across the supply chain.

Technological innovation & IT is not only transforming the manufacturing industry across every point of the supply chain but also is acting as a key enabler for critical manufacturing processes today be it – Customer care and after-sales service or product design and planning department.

Media and Communications

Today media companies have the maximum need to transform and transform quickly as information converges through different channels to reach an array of devices across the globe. From voice to video, media and communications providers are diversifying their offerings to meet the demand for innovative, context-based services and content.

TecPact helps transform and adopt the right IT solutions to remain agile and provision new services quickly.

Public Sector/Government

Today global citizens demand government agencies should be agile in their responses to grievances be it at municipal, city, state or country levels. Also in general government agencies are looking at enhancing quality of services like – applying for a permit, lodging a complaint or working through the criminal justice system.

To meet this expectations all the outdated technology has to be transformed , TecPact works in this area with PSU and Government agencies to implement beter IT infrastructure with proven technology solutions to improve communications, streamline operations and keep people safe..


The retail industry is facing a dramatic increase in attacks that exploit weaknesses in payment card data security. The PCI DSS requirements are meant to provide retailers with a framework for defending against these attacks and protecting customer data including credit card information.

However, simply meeting a PCI checklist at a point in time may not be so simple for a Retail giant because of sheer presence, diversity and also expertise.

TecPact is working for continuous security monitoring and assessment of security controls and best practices as well as continuous vulnerability assessment for customer in this vertical.


Cut throat competition and no room for error is a need today in the Telecom sector be it the schemes, offers, deliveries, innovative solutions, network availability. Customers are demanding and to meet this need Telecom giants need continuous improvement on Network , Mnitoring infrastructure.

Tecpact works with customers in this verticals to provide Security, Network Monitoring solutions.

Why Tecpact

  • Diverse Product Portfolio
  • Security and Licensing experts
  • In House Support
  • Tie-ups with Global Technology Leaders
  • One Stop solution for customers

Our Solutions

  • Licensing
  • IT Security
  • Cloud & DC Solutions
  • Software Asset Management

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