Tecpact helps customers with Software license management and Software Asset Management Services.

Our certified Licensing experts ensures Optimized licensing solution for our customers and in process ensuring IT Compliance.

Irrespective of the size of the organization, managing software licenses is not easy. Constantly changing business environments, technologies and complex licensing policies of publishers are the major challenges, customers of all sizes face today.

Customers intending to be Software compliant typically can reduce up to 30% in software cost by efficient Software License management and tools.

Our Approach


  • TecPact experts thoroughly assess every aspects of the existing software licensing environment of the customer – including license ownership, deployment and ongoing support costs.
  • This also includes assessment on Old versions which are obsolete and doesn’t have any support from OEM

Cost Savings & ROI Analysis

  • Based on the Analysis a detailed cost reduction status is prepared over the short and long term.
  • Analyze current license terms, terms and conditions
  • Convert or replace outdated licensing
  • Help negotiate a better contract with the Principal
  • Optimize License usage in the best and legal manner.

Future Ongoing Management

  • Our Licensing expertise helps you with evaluating the various licensing options and choosing the correct fit for your needs and budget on an ongoing basis.
  • Licensing queries resolution on an ongoing basis.
  • Periodic License Assessment
  • Maintain Software Assets Inventory
  • Continuous License gathering and reconciliation
  • Allotment and Installation Optimization

Software Asset Management – Service Benefits

  • Reduce legal liability
  • Independent Licensing Advice
  • Assured of Right Licensing type.
  • Assistance for long term road map for legacy software transition
  • Consolidation Advice