BI for Industries

Making industry solutions a business accelerator.


Thousands of businesses worldwide now use BI to help make smarter decisions, faster. Here’s a sample of what a few are doing to deliver value:

  • Allied Irish Banks have increase revenues by better understanding product and customer profitability.
  • Banque Accord get greater value from existing data, by exploiting cross selling and improving satisfaction.
  • Business Link London, improved customer satisfaction to 93% and reduced duplicate costs by a factor of ten.
  • Coretec transfer best practice and centralised operations data to deliver lower costs and better speed to market.
  • Channel 4’s 4OD aggregates & controls media from many sources to thousands of daily users.
  • Dunelm use feedback from POS tools to inventory & distribution, with presentation of analysis, to reduce resource, improve inventory & ultimately support growth.
  • Hampshire Constabulary provide transparency in resource allocation & spot trends in crime, helping to both improve utilisation and also detection rates.
  • Rubbermaid ensure Segregation of Duties & and Sarbanes Oxley compliance with automated violation reporting.
  • Sennheiser deliver all reports via self-service, providing easier access to critical data, in a way end users can control without reliance on other internal resources.

Industry specific solutions

Increasingly, many of the capabilities of BI are available in preconfigured solutions to reduce implementation costs and accelerate the so called ‘time to value’. Whilst they may require some tailoring to your specific requirements they have industry best practice embedded within them. Some examples include,

For retail

Sales analysis, On-shelf availability analysis, trade promotion effectiveness

For banking

Enterprise risk reporting, Planning and consolidation

For healthcare

Quality management, Planning and consolidation

For defence & security

Readiness assessment

For telecommunications

Customer analysis and retention

Many other out of the box solutions are available for other industries including, Consumer products, Financial services, Manufacturing, Public sector and Utilities.

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